Name: General Aruat. Sitaios.

Participants: In an actually report you would give the character's name, so for an example from the Character bios - Marius 'Duke' Wildstorm, 'Static' and Jaghmre. (Rank's should be included)

Location/Time/Date: Ord Mantell, 18:00 hours, 30th/November/2011

Mission Details: Objective was to take on a Small sith force passing around the Villages on Ord Mantell, they were giving the local population a lot of Trouble and using the Force for the purpose of Evil. Those on the Council felt this matter must be dealt with before the Republic is forced to Break the Treaty in it's Weak state.

We arrived on Ord Mantell within Sundown, where we set to get the high ground and get a visual on the Enemy targets. I Ordered Static and Jahgmre to drift of to the right and take possition on another mound to make the enemy feel that they were being fired on by more than just one small group of fighters, so that any 'Lightsaber' Wielding opponents were forced to take cover rather than run towards the attacking area. This tactic worked most well and the count of 15 targets including 3 Force users were eliminated without breaking sweat - though to stop the Sith Retaliating we placed a ripping from our banner to ellude all blame on the Village. They should not be able to track us from that fragment. I felt the Mission was a success and all Three soldiers who joined me on this mission executed it bravely and professionally. I'm looking Forward to Other missions with these Soldiers.

Conclusion: The Sith were defeated and all participants worked well within the team, they should not allow the standards to slip with the bar set so high they will have to do alot more to impress me next time. The Village encampment should not recieve any more hastle from the Sith, if so they should atleast attempt to move the Encampment for safe measures.

Sitaios Aruat, General

Signed G.A.