In this section of the wiki we archive our In-Character(IC) information about our Characters, Character stories, IC-Events and Mission Reports of our Military Division. This information is strictly IC and can only be accessed through our datacenter, which is stationed in a high security room in the center of our base on Corellia.

Character Biographies

In the Character Biographies you can find biographies of all our members and their companions. Looking for a specific character you met online and want to know more, but can't remember his or her name? No worries, as long as you remember the characters species, class or division, the search function will make it easier to find that member.

If you are a member and want to add your character, you can find our How to make Character Page

Data Records

Looking for some summary of our latest guild event or a good story? Maybe your more of the creative type and want to write a story. Then the Data Records is the place to go.

Mission Reports

Check out the information on our latest missions. The Mission Reports are handed in by our Troopers. These will be read by our military Commander. These files are used to evaluate our actions on the front line. These documents will be used in game.