Rialla Dinn
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Biographical Information
Homeworld: Tython
Born: 19 BTC
Physical Description
Species: Twi'lek
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 136 lbs
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Skin Color: Red
Cybernetics: None
Personal Information
Allies: Jedi Order
Jal Shey
Professions: Good question.
Languages: Basic
Marital Status: Single
Alignment: Neutral
Ship(s): None
Companion(s): None
Residency: Vagrant
The Force
Alignment: Light
Former Masters: Sirlos Lordan
Notra (Jal Shey)
Current Master: None
Former Students: None
Current Student: None
Lightsaber Type: Single Hilt
Lightsaber Color: Green
Lightsaber Form: Soresu
Specialty: Mind Trick
Force Powers:
Mind Trick variations
Stun variations
Social: Acting
Other: Mechanics
Political Information
Opposed Affiliation: None
Past Affiliation: Jedi Order
Current Affiliation: Guardians of the Force
Jal Shey
Roleplay Information
Creator Ookami_Aya

Overview Edit

Rialla Dinn is a Lethan Twi'lek Jal Shey. She grew up at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, where she excelled academically and began forming her own unique philosophy regarding the Force. Shortly after achieving knighthood on Tython, a terribly naive Rialla went off on her own to seek the intellectual Jal Shey, who she felt would suit her much better than the religious Jedi. After some misadventures during which she gained valuable life experience, she found a group of Jal Shey and traveled with them for a time. With them, she visited various points of interest around the galaxy, discussed philosophy and history, and learned a variation of Force Light.

Currently, she is a vagrant, going where the Force guides her, helping who she can, and taking odd jobs here and there to pay for necessities. She actually has 30,000 credits stored away from recent missions that she has rather forgotten about, as Rialla is by now so well accustomed to being perpetually broke. One thing nobody thought to teach her was how to manage finances, though she has grasped the basics of frugality and mooching.

Rialla is laid-back, absent-minded, and extremely compassionate. She strongly dislikes violence and avoids it like the plague. Instead, she prefers to talk her way out of situations, at which she is fortunately very proficient. She considers herself neutral, though if pressed will side with the Republic. Mostly she wants to keep the peace and help reduce suffering as best she can. She also tends to rant and ramble about things she feels strongly about or whatever happens to have caught her interest.

Rialla has plenty of experience with Force barriers but her offensive skills leave something to be desired. She typically avoids altercations with a Force cloaking technique she taught herself as a child to get into places she shouldn't. Her lightsaber is only ever drawn to deflect blaster bolts or, occasionally, cut through something. Her physical abilities are largely unimpressive, and she uses to Force to make up for this somewhat when necessary, though she can't keep it up for long. She does, however, have a natural talent for Mind Trick, and she often combines this with ordinary persuasion to great effect. Out of combat, Rialla is a fairly good healer, as she is the type to hang back and put people back together after they've gone and done something stupid. She also picked up mechanics as a hobby some time ago, and learned much about artifacts and crystals during her time with the Jal Shey.

Recently, Rialla has developed a keen interest in datacrons...