Matters of great importance at the bottom. It is in bold, so you know I mean business.

Oh my goodness gracious, I did not know we could write blog posts. I'm probably doing it wrong somehow so let me know, yes? Don't worry, I don't maintain regular blogs or journals or anything. Believe me, I've tried. But this is actually possibly relevant to your interests. (It would be easier if they hadn't destroyed the guild forums! wtf guys seriously)

If you've talked to me any time within the last month, you are probably well aware, unless you wisely chose to tune me out from the beginning. I say wisely because they spotted whining before it was too evident. But for the rest of you, it may come as a surprise that I have been sick for an entire fracking month. And it never gets better; it's a only ever a matter of "getting worse" or "not getting worse". Don't ask for the details, for they are kind of gross.

Suffice to say, it has been extremely distracting and, occasionally, excrutiatingly painful. It's been keeping me awake, too, because more insomnia is just what I needed, clearly. But I am fairly well accustomed to sleep deprivation by now. No, the illness's greatest crime is that it kept me from playing SWTOR half as much as I would have liked! Or participating in the guild, for that matter, but that involves more socializing and is therefore more stressful to me, and I just can't handle stress when I'm feeling like excrement.

So that's why I've been gone so much and why I'm only on level 38. But there's hope; I might actually be able to get treatment in... a week, if I'm really lucky.

But here is the important bit: we seriously need to have an officers' meeting, either ingame or on Skype. Maybe you've been having them and I missed them; I do know you've talked about some things without me there and I'd like to be given a brief summary of that. (Brief for your sake, that is, as I would be happy to hear everything.) So this is what we need to cover:

  • Bring me up to date on recent developments.
  • We still need to work out how the Enclave will work, not just brainstorming but deciding on something and writing it down. Rain and Devin, I'm looking at you.
  • There's something I'd like to discuss about divisions as a whole
  • We need to be brainstorming RP plots and "quests". I have one of the latter in the works, ish.
  • Somebody besides me had better take notes.

I don't care how we do this as long as it gets done. In the comments, everyone please discuss when a good time would be. I would really rather do as much as we can "in person"; it's just more efficient, and I am all about efficiency.