Founded by ´The Shadowbroker´Edit

Mention Helios and his good work and intentions. Then proceed with his departure (name no reasons, keep it IC) and the change of command. Our Jedi leader is in a hybernation/medicational state so he and the force could understand each other better. Change of command was past down to Kellen and his military Commander (Soldierbane).

Our CodeEdit

The Force flows through all life. In protecting life, we protect the Force.

Guardians of the ForceEdit

Intel about us, what we do, why we do it and how we operate. We do not support the republic, nor the Sith empire. We are Neutral/Grey Jedi.

Our StructureEdit

Some friendly words about the general stuff and to segway in to the following topics. And redirection to the Divisions, do not describe them here.

The Triumviate High CouncilEdit

Explain who they are and how they got in that position. How is it possible to become a triumviate(you can´t!! xD)

The CouncilEdit

Explain who they are and how you can get a position in the council. Who decides if your in or out? How long are you on the council, How long are you seated in the council.