Zun portrait 213x180
Biographical Information
Homeworld: Coruscant
Date of Birth: Unknown
Physical Description
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Hair Color: Unknown
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Color: Pale
Cybernetics: Unknown
Combat Information
Weapon(s): Blaster rifle
Specialization: Assault
Fighting Style: Tactical
Personal Information
Professions: Mercenary soldier
Languages Galactic basic
Marital Status: Unknown
  • Chaotic Neutral
  • Chaotic Evil
Ship: Midnight Hunter
Companion(s): Unknown
Residency: None
Political Information
Opposed Affiliation: The Sith
Past Affiliation: Unknown
Current Affiliation:
  • Guardians of the Force
  • Republic Special Forces
Roleplay Information
Creator EaterOfSouls (GotF)



Zun is a young woman of medium height. She's in excellent physical condition and stronger than she looks. What might once have been a pretty face has been scarred extensively by burn marks all along the left side. Zun doesn't cover the scars up, in fact she accentuates them by keeping her head shaved and wearing dramatic looking make-up.

Apparel & Equipment:Edit

Zun is equiped by Republic Special Forces and wears whatever she can requisition.

Zun ss1 242x395



Due to the burns on her face, Zun has had very negative experiences with other people. As a result she has a rather cynical outlook on life. She does know the value of charm however, and uses that as a tool to advance her goals.


Zun doesn't trust easily, she treats people as assets to be used and eventually discarded.


Zun beliefs the galaxy is a dangerous place, and rightly so. She also believes that one bad turn deserves another.

Goals and Ambitions:Edit

Zun hates the Sith with a vengeance. Her main goal is to cut the entire Sith head off the Empire snake.



OOC Information:Edit

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